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Authenticsupport is a leading online technical support company which provides services for all types of issues related to Computer Systems. These include problems with Operating Systems, Internet Connectivity, Memory Management, Registry, Internet Security, Software installation & removal, malware detection & removal and many more. Our teams of certified Level 2 experts also fix all sorts of errors related to peripheral devices attached to computers/laptops, like scanners, printers, routers etc.

Your computer will be fixed in front of you without surrendering your system to any repair shop because we provide professional tech-support services via remote assistance. Our experts will remotely diagnose your computer, list issues found and provide instant resolution upon your approval.

Our Beliefs

  • Customer should get the quickest support possible.
  • Ethical approach towards all our customer problems.
  • Our customers deserve fair pricing.
  • Happy Employees, Happy Customers, Happy us.

Our Management team

Our management team comprises IT professionals with extensive experience in Customer Support and Remote Infrastructure Management. With an expertise in superior performance management our core team stands strong and determined for the best experience for our customers.

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Customer Testimony

  • David P. : Excellent and helpful.
  • Nancy B. : Anyone that has computers, tablets, smartphones should opt for this company to keep all units clear of viruses and any other problems. Akash is my contact and is extremely cooperative, knowledgeable and personable. They keep my computer safe and running. The cost is minimal for the services received.
  • Wanda A. : Everyone was polite and kind.
  • Elizabeth K. : I have a 1 year subscription only because I didn't know I could subscribe for a longer time period but I plan to stick with Techsmiles as long as I have a laptop! They keep it functioning so I can be constantly learning and communicating with others!
  • Nancy M. : The people that I have worked with are excellent.
  • Johnny J. : Very personal type help. Very patient and helpful with small problems and fixes everything.
  • Laura A. : The gentlemen I've worked with have been amazingly patient with my questions and efficient in correcting problems on my computer. My laptop is almost 5 years old, but is running like it's brand new! What more can I say?
  • Sally T. : Excellent Service
  • Kathy S. : I have a subscription with Techsmiles and I love these guys! My computer was giving me fits....they have fixed it and keep in touch with me to make sure all is well. Love their service, and you never feel like you are being rushed. Kudos!! Keep up the good work!!
  • Dexter B. : Good job helping me.
  • Judith C. : Excellent service as support group for computer/peripherals/network. Customer-service oriented. Secure site. Quick response to calls for help.
  • Bart A. : Techsmiles has been very helpful with all my computer needs and has Great followup.
  • Dave W. : I would recommend this company to anyone that have problem with his/her pc, please contact this company.
  • Wilbur R. : Very good job, Thank you.
  • Wesley N. : Very helpful and patient with me.
  • Marion S. : Very helpful, willing to answer all questions.
  • Ginger P. : I love having Techsmiles team when I need them to fix any problems on my computer
  • Carolyn M. : This company is professional, attentive, helpful and a really great group of people. I endorse them completely.
  • Marie B. : They helped me a lot and fixed all problems that I had.
  • Terry S. : Akash & Mandy are the most wonderful people in the World I have ever work with. They both deserve raises for all the help & time they gave to me. I worked with the Public all my life and I know you have a great employees. I thank them for their service.
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  • Operating System (OS)
  • Hard Disk Recovery
  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Computer Optimization
  • Email
  • Internet & WIFI Network
  • Browser
  • Installation & Uninstallation

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Customer Care: +1 917-725-2120

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